Our response to The Runnymede Trust's report on race.

The Runnymede Trust, a race equality think tank, published a report containing reccomendations for the Government to tackle racism. Having submitted evidence for and analysed the report, we believe that the Government must take the 3 following actions that commit to tackling racism in education:

  1. Commit to having a racially diverse curriculum from Key Stages 1-4. Specifically, in the history curriculum, this means that at least one compulsory module and one optional module in each Key Stage will be either racially diverse or taught from a non-British perspective.
  2. Equip and support teachers in dealing with racism in the classroom, particularly how it intersects with other social factors and protected characteristics.
  3. Address the underrepresentation of ethnic minority teachers.

Read the evidence we submitted.

You can see The Runnymede Trust's full report on race here.

The Lack of Racial Diversity in the National Curriculum

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