Lobby Your MP

MPs have the power to challenge the UK Goverment on their policies. Writing to them will push them to making legislative change in our curriculum. It may seem daunting, but don't worry - we have created a template that you can use below. To find out who your MP is, use the tool below:

Our Email Template

Feel free to copy or take inspiration from the template to send to your MP. You can find their contact details using the 'Who's My MP?' tool above. If you are writing to the Minster for Education, Gavin Williamson, we suggest you adjust the calls to action for him to directly take the actions.

Who else can I email besides my MP?

If you feel that your MP isn't likely to take up your concerns, then don't fret - there are many alternatives!

Gavin Williamson

Secretary of State for Education (Conservative MP)

Engaging the governing Minister for Education in our proposal to make the curriculum more racially diverse is an effective step towards legislative change. Mr Williamson has a mandate and platform to meet our demands.

Abena Oppong-Asare

Shadow Exchequer Secretary to the Treasury (Labour MP)

Led the Black History Month debate in the House of Commons in October 2020 but has not signed the Early Day Motion for the 'Teaching of British colonial history in schools'.

David Lammy

Shadow Secretay of State for Justice (Labour MP)

Mr Lammy has a resposniblity to hold the governing Justice Minister to account for a lack of policy change in justice. He had been vocal about isues of racism and immigration in his report on the Criminal Justice System, so is most likely to engage with our concerns.

Nadia Whittome

MP for Nottingham East (Labour MP)

Ms Whittome champions diversity and equality, donating half of her salary to charities, meaning she is likely to respond positively to our concerns. As a new MP, she had no Ministerial Responsbilites, and is more likely to have time to invest in our campaign.